8 Minutes Of Pure Vocal Talent: Ananda Xenia Shakti “No More Limits”

Lately, I noticed that songs are too short. I know they’re supposed to catch people’s attention spans, which are so short nowadays, but music is art! Artists deserve patience, and I like sitting down and enjoying a long tune that an artist put a lot of work into. I finally got that experience listening to Ananda Xenia Shakti’s single called “No More Limits”. It’s around eight minutes of pure vocal talent, and her voice is definitely the star of the song.

Honestly, a lot of songs flop for me because the singing isn’t good or is deeply processed to sound decent. I don’t want to be a gatekeeper when it comes to music with vocals, but I feel like having a decent voice is important. Thankfully, Ananda is a great singer and doesn’t hold back when it comes to hitting strong notes. I like when singers are bold with their voice. It’s their strength, their weapon, and Ananda showed up to battle.

“No More Limits” is out on Friday, August 12th.

–Kim May