Jen Ash is an artist and songwriter who just released a new studio work: “Crush On You.” This song features a rich and groove-driven R&B sound with a different twist. On one hand, the melodies are reminiscent of some of the golden age of modern R&B, with an early 2000sContinue Reading

The Star Prairie Project’s new album Fight or Flight trumpets the fact that the world order as we know it is teetering and crumbling before our eyes. While too many remain oblivious to this fact, there’s no denying that the human civilization is facing its gravest challenges since World War II. To makeContinue Reading

With Bluesy Pop Rock riffs infused with jazz and harmonica sounds, Bob Jeter has got a little of that Don Henly and Tom Petty vibe. In an age where too much music sounds exactly the same, this is something refreshing – not the same usual lick and loop one isContinue Reading

The Skyliners, Donnie Iris, Joe Grushecky and more are included on “A Very Yinzer Christmas” out November 18th. The album benefits Band Together Pittsburgh for Autism Awareness and music programs. The first-ever, “A Very Yinzer Christmas,” featuring tracks by more than 25 Pittsburgh music icons will be released worldwide onContinue Reading

Books are fundamental; an escape from reality, a chance to breakaway from the rigors of the world. There is nothing like losing oneself in a good book, from relaxing at the beach to wrapped up in a warm blanket by the fireplace. Author Timothy Dalton takes you on a journeyContinue Reading